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I joined Sensors, Energy, and Automation Laboratory (SEAL), Dept. Electrical Engineering, UW, as a research assistant on Jan. 2013- Mar. 2013, advised by Dr. Alexander Mamishev. I am working on testing a health-related device called MSB. MSB is a carry-on device that can monitor the activities of users, and calculate calories burning based on collected data for cancer defense.

I was responsible for testing a group of MSB devices. I wrote a script to format and convert a text into a binary metafile for data analysis with MATLAB. And then converting the metafile into 2D graph for further analysis. Also I designed an elevator experiment for testing the devices. Since elevator moves vertically, it is used as a control variable to determine the orientation of different devices, and prove functionality of devices.

Besides developing research skills, I also presented this project to the Engineering Discovery Days in 2013 at UW, and helped the middle schoolers to explore real-life engineering projects. The health-related sensors demonstrated, by performing data capture with interactive animated storytelling utilizing real-life motion animation, enabled kids to release their creative thinking.

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